Trafford Head

The club had some great rows at the recent Head at Trafford RC. These included:

J14 2x – GOLD – Joe Baguley and Joe Guerin
J14 2x – BRONZE – Marcus Mackay and Michael Fulwell
J14 4x+ – GOLD (time only and came second in their division) – Joe Baguley, Joe Guerin, Tom Ledger, Cameron Green and cox: Marcus Mackay
J14 1x – SILVER – Bradley Strickland-Baker
J14 1x – 4th – Harri White

WJ14 2x – 4th – Caitlin Potts and Mary Knowles
WJ14 2x – 8th – Alex Fletcher and Harriet Jones
WJ14 1x – 7th – Alex Fletcher

There were further wins in the J15 divisions

J15 1x – GOLD – Angus Stewart (fastest boat in the division)
J15 4x+ – GOLD – Angus Stewart, Josh Critchley, Michael Lee, Marcus Reilly and cox: Megan Dunbavand
WJ15 1x – silver – Ella Stanhope
J15 2x – silver – Josh Critchley and Michael Lee
Im3 2x – silver – Ollie McFerran and Max Bury
J15 1x – 5th – Angus Wooler