Adult Learn To Row

Experienced rower explaining the rowing sequenceStable coxed quad rowing on River Mersey in Warrington

Warrington Rowing Club’s Learn to Row scheme operates throughout the year

Start a long term relationship with a great sport and community of people

The course

The course is made up of 6 weeks of 2 hour sessions currently being run on a Sunday morning.  If you are interested in joining or have any questions please contact us.  The course will introduce you to rowing indoors on a rowing machine (ergo), where you will develop the technique needed in the boat.  This technique will then be put into practice on the water, where the rowing (sculling – two oars each) technique will be further developed.  The course are taught in Explore rowing boats, which are more stable/ balanced than the fine competitive boats, they are perfect for developing the technique and skills without the worry of falling in.  By the end of the course you should be able to row 5km competently and with confidence.

The course is £120 for 6 weeks of 2 hour sessions.

We are also always on the lookout for coxes, so if you think you would be more suited to learning to cox, please to get in contact.

At the end of the course there are several options open to you:
• Join the club as a competitive member in one of the senior squads
• Join the club as a recreational member
• Continue rowing at other clubs through the explore rowing scheme

We would love you to continue rowing at Warrington but the skills you learn will allow you to join any of the hundreds of rowing clubs across the country.


• Over 18 years old (we have a separate juniors program for younger people)
• Ability to swim at least 50 meters in light sports clothing (rowing kit)
• Ability to tread water for at least two minutes
• Ability to swim under water for at least 5 meters
• Good general health


We will acknowledge your interest & keep you on the standby list for invitation to future courses.


– Do I need to have a certain level of fitness?

All levels of fitness are welcome but for safety reasons you must be able to swim 50m.

– What should I wear?

Fitted clothing is best as loose clothing is more likely to get caught. Multiple layers are preferable over one thick layer as you will warm up as you row. Trainers (for the gym and in the learn to row boats) are required, as are a pair of wellington boots for keeping your feet dry getting into and out of the boats (sometimes the river comes up over the landing stage).