Report Equipment Damage

It is extremely important that damage to boats and equipment is reported as soon as possible. We have created an online reporting form to help make this easier for you. If you have recognised any form of damage, it is your responsibility to report it. Click the link below to complete the form.

How can you help us with equipment maintenance?

You can help your club to ensure equipment is always in good working order and ready to use by following these simple steps:

  • Always check over boats and blades before and after your session.
  • You should check the boat for visible damage (dents, cracks, excessive wear).
  • Ensure the riggers, seats and shoes are attached correctly.
  • Check that buoyancy aids are fitted and inflated.
  • Check blade collars are correctly fitted and gates fastened securely.
  • Avoid taking a damaged boat on the water.
  • Ask for help when carrying boats.
  • Take care when moving equipment around the boathouse.
  • Always follow the rules of the river.
  • Always wear a high visibility top when seated at bow or when single sculling. (In all weather)
  • Report all incidents as soon as reasonably possible.
  • Gym equipment must also be reported when damaged.

We can only continue with our passion if we work together.
Please look after the equipment and encourage others to do the same.