Development Squad

Formed in 2020, from combining the Intermediate and Recreational Squads, the development squad battled through the restrictions placed upon the club by a global pandemic – safely putting boats into the Mersey and keeping up the fun. As a squad, it does claim all victories of the Intermediate and Recreational squads, and is exited to build upon them.

This squad is aimed at mixing social rowers and candidates for competitive rowing – new entrants via the Learn To Row course will typically pass into this group to learn from more experienced rowers in a more relaxed environment – supported by coaches.

It offers a friendly group to those hobbyists who face time-constraints from family and career commitments, an opportunity to have competitive training.

In the Summer there are 2 sessions per week, on a Wednesday evening (daylight dependent) and Saturday midday. In the winter, the Saturday session continues, but the Wednesday evening water session is replaced by an indoor gym session.

The squad had access to recreational craft (explore rowing boats) and fine boats, in single, double, and quads.

Explore Series, Presidents Paddle, and many other events are driven by the members of the Development Squad, which should take members up to the lakes and other clubs for fun competition.

Fitness is maintained in the winter by senior-wide evening gym sessions – ergos and circuit training.