The Annual ’86 Burpee Challenge

So it’s over for 2020, look out for next year when we will take on new entries to find the 2021 Burpee Champion.

December 2020 WRC will hold the very 1st ’86 Burpee Challenge’ Anyone will be able to enter into a category at the discount entry fee of just £3.
Week commencing 14th December all participant will perform … 86 Burpees and log the time taken with Robin. (Our Mens Captain)
The fastest in each category will win a medal the OVERALL fastest will also win the 86 Burpee challenge of 2020 (It’s called 86 Burpees in honour of the year our great club was founded.)

Anyone can join in, parents, coaches etc.

When you log your time, you will also have transferred your £3 entry fee.

A/c Number:47480604
Sort Code: 05-09-67

Ref: 86-Your Name


  • Junior Girls (13 – 15)
  • Junior Boys (13 – 15)
  • Junior Women (16 – 18)
  • Junior Men (16 – 18)
  • Senior / Masters / Development Men & Dads
  • Senior / Masters / Development Women & Mums

Complete 86 Burpees as quickly as you can. It costs just £3.00 to enter which will raise some much needed funds for the club.

Get someone to time you or time yourself doing 86 Burpees as quickly as you can, competing against the rest of your squad and the club to get the fastest time!
You can only have one attempt and all entries must be in by midnight on Sunday 24th January 2021, after which the winners will be announced!
The winner of each category gets a medal plus the overall winner will receive a trophy.
(*Sponsored by GG Dent Ltd.)

Register your time by clicking on the button below and remember to transfer your £3.00 entry fee to the club bank account, details of which are below. Good luck!