WRC Mission Statement

This Mission Statement has been a project carried out over many months and with the invited input of every single member and junior parent/guardian of the club. Thank you to everyone who has played an active part so far.

Now it’s over to you fellow member!

We. Are. Champions. 💪

For WRC to achieve its goals, the goals you want to achieve, we all need to be champions of so many things.

The wonderful thing is – we already are! Look at how well we worked together on the recent maintenance day. The wonderful teamwork we demonstrate when we take boats and crews to events. The brilliant events we run! Not to mention the military operations of keeping everyone training even when we had no water!

So, Champions (yes that’s you!)… let’s all work together and think about how we can continue to champion our values, our goals and our mission!


We are Champions when we follow our mission to…

  • Promote a competitive, welcoming and nurturing environment for everyone – members, parents, volunteers, coaches and visitors.
  • Strive for excellence in training, competing, coaching and club development.
  • Work together, across all squads, to achieve our goals and be the best we can be!


We are Champions when we align with our values…

  • Ambitious – we support every member in achieving their goals – whether they are competitive, performance, fundraising, coaching or lifestyle goals.
  • Supportive – we encourage all rowers to train and compete at a level appropriate to their abilities and aspirations without barriers.
  • Inclusive – we welcome members and visitors from all backgrounds.
  • Engaged – we actively fundraise, volunteer and support each other and the club wherever we can.
  • Connected – we take an active interest in each other, in the club as a whole and in the local and rowing community.