Warrington Regatta


WRC Regatta 2024 Entries Now Open

Side by side racing along a 500m buoyed course in the River Mersey, right in the heart of Warrington.

Key Dates

Entries Close: 12:00pm Monday 15th July 2024*
Payment Due: 12:00pm Monday 15th July 2024
Draw Published: 5:00pm Friday 19th July 2024

*Entries are closing earlier in 2024 so not to coincide with Junior and Senior National Championships. Entries may close earlier if the event is oversubscribed or the maximum capacity for trailers is reached.

Entry Fees

£12.00 – per seat for Senior and Master events
£10.00 – per seat for Junior events
Coxes seats are excluded from entry fees

Entries and payments to be made via BROE2

Rules of Entry

Entries will close early if events are over subscribed or the maximum capacity of 14 trailers is reached (a maximum of two trailers per club will be permitted). Clubs are required to inform the entries secretary of how many trailers they intend to bring on the day.

Please inform the entries secretary of any doubling between consecutive division. No doubling of equipment or crews in the same division. Events may be banded, crews moved between categories and/or subject to masters handicaps where applicable.

Event held under British Rowing rules of racing.
See Notes and Local Rules below for further details.


If viewing on mobile or tablet, turn device to landscape for better viewing.

WOMAN J132x1x4x+
OPEN J132x1x4x+8x+
WOMAN J144x+1x2x
OPEN J144x+1x2x8x+
WOMAN J151x2x4x+
OPEN J151x2x4x+
WOMAN J164+4x-1x2x
OPEN J164+4x-1x2x
WOMAN J184+/4-4x-1x2x/2-
OPEN J184+/4-4x-1x2x/2-
OPEN WOMAN2x/2-4+/4-4x-8+1x
WOMAN MAS.2x/2-4+/4-4x-8+1x
OPEN MAS.4+/4-2x/2-8+1x4x-
MIXED OPEN4+/4-2x/2-8+4x-
MIXED MAS.4+/4-2x/2-8+4x-

Competitor’s Info


Regatta Poster

Notes and Local Rules

Course Map

Competitor Essentials

Emergency Action Plan

Competitor Parking Instructions